5 Best Ways To Sell Nonprofit Credit Card Processing

For us to be competing as you probably already know your restaurant is really like a restaurant down the block there’s like there’s like five restaurants on this block and then there’s another five restaurants down.

nonprofit credit card processing

The next block so it’s like you know there’s a lot of competition you know same with my business but I’m here to support my local businesses I come and buy here from you you know I’m a customer even if you don’t buy for me.

I’m still gonna be your customer I mean it doesn’t matter you got great food I love your food but the thing is that it’s very important for you know for us to take care of each other and not only was I able to match the rates that there are but I was able to get you but I’m also able to pay for your cancellation fee I’m gonna have.

The company pay for that out of their pocket they’re going to reimburse you and then the other thing is they’re going to give you a free machine I know the machine that you got there is a little bit so it’s probably gonna give you problems maybe not now but maybe in the future so by that time you don’t have to deal with the headache.

You just got a brand-new machine boom it’s gonna last you know a couple more years so on you know it’s up to you what would you like to do mr. customer and I just basically shut up and what he said he’s like let’s do this it was like wow you know this guy actually went for it yeah but it happened to happen you might close you’d be surprised the time that you closed a guy that you’re actually saving them $ versus the guy.

That you think you’re really going to close that you’re saving $ for see the thing I think it kind of goes by the fact that if you’re saving too much money it makes them leery about what you’re trying to do for them so you just gotta explain to them how it’s coming to that specific number also give them a recommendation uh well mr. customer.

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